Sigma Symposium Radboud Universiteit Nijmegen April 16th 2014 
Sigma Symposium 2013: Size Matters - Applications of Nanotechnology Sigma Symposium 2014: Size Matters - Applications of NanotechnologySigma Symposium 2014: Size Matters - Applications of Nanotechnology



The Symposium 2014 has ended, and we like thank everyone who coorporated on making this a great day!



This years Symposium has started, and many visitors have subscribed themselves in the Huygens Building.



The programme page now contains information about Bas Hulsken and is now complete! The last preparations for the Symposium are yet to be made.



Registration for the Sigma Symposium 2014 is now open! 

New information about Daniela Wenzel has been added to the program page. It now contains her picture and CV.



New information added about Jan van Hest and Jan Eijkel. Both persons now have their CV's and picture published.

Lecture title of Jan Eijkel is also added to the programme page.



New information added about Beniamino Sciacca: lecture title, CV, picture and key publications.

Sponsor page is now complete and contains all sponsors of the Sigma Symposium 2014. We want to thank the listed companies/associations for their support!



New pictures added for Gold (Au) and Silver (Ag) sponsors at the Sponsors page.



A new lecturer has agreed to give a presentation at the Sigma symposium 2014: Daniela Wenzel. 

Information about the subject of the lectures has been added to the Programme page.



Programme page has been updated. Information about lecturer Roy van der Meel was added.



Sigma Symposium 2014 website is now online!



Organising Committee page now contains personal text.

Sponsor page updated.

Programme page now contains three lecturers as well as a master of ceremony: respectively R. van der Meel, B. Hulsken, B. Sciacca, and J. van Hest.



Honour Committee page now updated

Organising Committe page now contains photo's of the members as well as the group photo. The brief introductions of the members will follow shortly. 

Home page has changed.