Sigma Symposium Radboud Universiteit Nijmegen April 16th 2014 
Sigma Symposium 2013: Size Matters - Applications of Nanotechnology Sigma Symposium 2014: Size Matters - Applications of NanotechnologySigma Symposium 2014: Size Matters - Applications of Nanotechnology


The organising committee of 2014's Symposium.

From left to right and top to bottom: Victor Bloemendal, Mike Dollevoet, Qin Ong, Mike Ruth, Dirk Jeukens, 

Jeroen van de Wiel, Suzanne Timmermans, Inge Wortel and Layla van Nieuwenhuizen

Inge Wortel

Chairwoman | Molecular Life Sciences

Inge Wortel is a third year student of Molecular Life Sciences and Chemistry, who joined the committee last year to help organise the symposium "Chemistry and Crime”. With the help of her committed fellow students, she hopes to make the upcoming event an even greater success!  Believing nanotechnology to be an excellent subject for a symposium, she is very enthusiastic about this year’s theme: "Size Matters – Applications of Nanotechnology”. She hopes this present-day subject will enable the committee to set up an interesting day with diverse lectures, providing a topic of interest for all visitors. 

Jeroen van de Wiel

Sponsor Coordinator | Molecular Life Sciences

Jeroen van de Wiel is a third year bachelor student of Molecular Life Sciences. After organising last year’s Sigma Symposium "Chemistry and Crime" succesfully, he didn’t have any doubt to press on the effort to the next one. Jeroen is well acquainted with the theme of this year. "Size Matters" aims to point out to its visitors what huge impacts the tiniest structures can have. This year Jeroen will contribute as Fundraiser for the symposium, and sometimes bigger remains better. His job is to cover the symposium financially, but he will also contribute to  its actual organization. He has no doubt that this committee will be able to organize an even better symposium than last year. He hopes to welcome you all.

Layla van Nieuwenhuizen

Treasurer | Molecular Life Sciences

Layla van Nieuwenhuizen is a third year student of the bachelor Molecular Life Sciences. Last year she helped organise our symposium "Chemistry & Crime" as a general member of the committee which she enjoyed very much. This year she will be responsible for the finances of the symposium as the treasurer of the committee. She hopes the Symposium will be a great success and that the committee will be able to offer lectures to their fellow students which will be diverse, but also in depth and will give the students a better insight in the application of their scientific course in the field of nanotechnology.

Suzanne Timmermans

Secretary | Molecular Life Sciences

Suzanne Timmermans is a third year Molecular Life Sciences student. After visiting and enjoying last year’s symposium about "Chemistry and Crime”, she decided to join the organising committee. As the secretary of the committee it will be her task to take notes of all meetings and write an end report on the symposium. Besides doing the paperwork, together with the rest of the committee she will make sure that this year’s symposium about nanotechnology will be a great success. She hopes that the visitors will enjoy the diverse and interesting lectures about the various applications of nanotechnology and appreciate this relatively new research field in molecular sciences.

Victor Bloemendal

Web Master | Molecular Life Sciences

Victor Bloemendal is a twenty year old student in the third year of the bachelor Molecular Life Sciences. After last year’s visit to the Sigma Symposium he wanted to contribute by joining the organization. When this year’s committee sought new members, he quickly signed up to help organizing the symposia of 2014 and 2015. The theme of this year’s symposium intrigued him: what are the endless possibilities of applications of nanotechnology, when one has a molecular background? His goal is to show different sides of nanotechnology applications, and he hopes the lectures will give all visitors more insight in this small-sized world.

Mike Dollevoet

Member | Chemistry

Mike Dollevoet is a second year bachelor student of Chemistry. Last year he helped organise a symposium for first year molecular sciences students. He enjoyed it and was pleased with the result. Because of this, he decided to join this years Sigma symposium committee and help make the event a great success. He is very interested in this year’s theme "Size Matters – Applications of Nanotechnology" and the possibilities of this rising scientific field. He hopes his fellow students will enjoy the diverse lectures on this year’s symposium and get new insights of this remarkable theme.

Dirk Jeukens

Member | Chemistry

Dirk Jeukens is a second year bachelor student of chemistry in Nijmegen. On hearing the committee was looking for members, he decided to join right away since he enjoyed last year’s symposium "Chemistry and crime". The combination of both learning more about this year’s theme nanotechnology, and getting an insight into the organising responsibilities, looks like a great opportunity to him.  He hopes this year’s symposium will be a great success.

Qin Ong

Member | Chemistry

Qin Ong, a third year student of Chemistry, joins the Sigma Symposium Committee as a general member. She enjoyed the last two editions of the Sigma Symposium very much and got enthusiastic about this event. The symposium is a good way to show several sides of a theme related to bio(chemistry) . With the theme "Size Matters – Applications of Nanotechnology" she thinks the lectures will be diverse, interesting and inspiring. Although this symposium is about nanosized materials, she hopes this event will be a great success.  

Mike Ruth

Member | Molecular Life Sciences

Mike studies Molecular Life Sciences, a study that stands between chemistry and biology. Therefore he is always interested in knowing more about multidisciplinary research. He believes that many specialized fields need to work together to yield best results. Being involved in the organisation of the Sigma Symposium means a great opportunity for him to explore science on a personal level and also introduce his fellow students in new fields of research. Furthermore, Mike feels to gain valuable life skills in the process.