Honour Committee

The Sigma Symposium Honour Committee is composed of various esteemed members of society and the scientific community; each of them designates a different aspect of the symposium, but - whether a professor at the university or a chairman of a chemistry-related association - they are united in their support of the operation and objective of the Sigma Symposium.

  • Prof. dr. Ineke Sluiter
    President of "KNAW"
  • Prof. dr. Marcel Levi
    President of "NWO" (Nederlandse organisatie voor Wetenschappelijk Onderzoek)
  • Prof. dr. Jeroen Cornelissen
    President of KNCV
  • Prof. dr. Floris Rutjes
    Director Institute for Molecules and Materials and vicepresident KNCV
  • Prof. dr. Wilhelm Huck
    Professor at Physical Organic Chemistry department, Radboud University Nijmegen 
  • Drs. Hubert Bruls
    Mayor of Nijmegen