Unquestionably this symposium would not have been possible without the astounding support of many. We would like to thank the following persons and organisations for their generous effort in making our symposium a success:

Master of Ceremony:

  • Dr. Peter Korevaar


  • dr. ir. Hans Bouwmeester
  • prof. dr. Sybrand van der zwaag
  • dr. René Janssen
  • Thomas Rohr

Honour Committee:

  • Prof. dr. Stan Gielen
    Voorzitter NWO 
  • Prof. Dr. Lutgarde Buydens
    Dean of the Faculty of Science
  • Prof. dr. J.H.J.M van Krieken
    Rector Magnificu
  • Prof. dr. Floris P.J.T. Rutjes
    Voorzitter KNCV

Supporting staff of the Radboud University Nijmegen:

  • Faculty of Science receptionists
  • Faculty of Science Internal


  • Faculty of Science MultiMedia Department
  • Secretary of Molecular Sciences

Sigma Committees:

  • Foton
  • Bacchus

Photos of the committee:

  • Anna Bleeck


  • Knettervers