Plastic Fantastic

Nowadays, when people think of plastics they do not have a very positive image of them. Since the climate get more and more attention, things like sea creatures that are trapped in plastic bags and endless piles of rubbish pop up. The amount of plastic that is wasted is indeed a shame and should be reduced if we want to leave the planet alright for the next generation.

What is also a shame, is that these images have taken away the attention of the aspects of plastics that are beneficial to us. By varying the chemical composition, plastics can acquire a very broad range of properties and the possibilities seem endless.

That is why with this symposium we want to give you new insight in both the dangers, but also the beneficial aspects of plastics. The lectures will tell you among others about the dangers of microplastics and fibers in our food, a risk that is overlooked most of the time when it comes to pollution by plastics. But they will also tell you about various route to create self healing polymers, about how polymer solar energy may represent a future source for renewable energy and even which plastics are useful to us when going into space!

We will thus present you with a lot of new insights in this material. It must be managed in a better way to stop the pollution we are facing now, but I think it has so many rich opportunities that a lot of alternative ways to put it into good use still exist.